Safety is our top priority
As a leading producer of cosmetics and food supplements, the consumer's safety is always our top priority. It is essential that the products are safe to use and of excellent quality - precisely as expected by the consumers. Therefore, quality assurance is incorporated into all processes, from development to delivery of the end product.

High quality standards
The Persano Group production takes place in Denmark following the highest standards. The company is approved by the Danish Medicines Agency as well as the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and certified by the Bureau Veritas. Pharmaceuticals are produced according to GMP-rules; medical equipment according to ISO 13485; the food supplements according to HACCP-principles; and the cosmetics according to ISO 22716. Furthermore, we comply with the demands concerning the Ø-label (organic products), ECOCERT/COSMOS, the Nordic Swan label and the asthma and allergy labels.

Training and further education of all employees
Our employees are thoroughly trained within their specific work. In addition, our operators participate in hygiene or GMP-courses and receive ongoing supplementary training.

Continuous evaluation of the quality system
Products, equipment, sites, processes, IT-systems, and our quality enhancement system are under continuous evaluation with focus on ongoing improvements and new legislative demands.

Quality control from A to Z
The Persano Group has its own well-equipped analysis laboratory where our highly capable laboratory technicians conduct chemical, physical, and microbiological analyses. Every shipment of raw material and packagings undergo thorough analysis before they are approved for production this is to ensure that the products always live up to our high quality standards. During the production process, samples are taken for ongoing quality control and measured according to relevant parameters relevant parameters such as weight, water activity, pH-value, viscosity and density. Any deviations are processed and documented in a deviation report. Finally, the documentation of the entire production process and the analysis results from the laboratory are reviewed. If everything meets to the specified demands, the quality department may release the products and distribute to the client.