Labelling of food supplements
Organic foodstuffs are produced according to special considerations for the environment and animal welfare all the way to the table. The organic principles also include food supplements and, in 2017, the first organic product was produced by Propharma. Many of our clients view organic labels as beneficial for the marketing. As clients at Propharma, you are offered a solution where we handle the organic raw materials and the production of organic end products.

The red Ø-label
The red Ø-label with the text "state-controlled" is a Danish organic label characterizing Danish authority control with farms and companies producing, processing, packing, or labelling foodstuffs in Denmark. Foreign products can also be stamped with this label provided that they are subject to Danish control.

The EU-Ecolabel
As the EU-nations adhere to common rules, an EU-Ecolabel has been introduced for organic foodstuffs. All organic foodstuffs packed in EU must be marked with the EU-Ecolabel to make it easier for the consumers to find the organic products on the shelves - regardless which EU-nation they come from.

ISO 13485 certified regarding:
Design transfer and production of fluid and semi-fluid products (e.g. ointment, cream, gel, spray) for topical use (skin and mucosa) to medical device manufacturers.