A wide range of food supplements
Our product portfolio within food supplements includes vitamins (combination and single products), minerals (combination or single products), herbs, proteins, and other supplements for children, adults, elderly, and products for special needs for instance during pregnancy. The food supplements are produced both as dry products (pills, capsules, powder) and liquid (mixtures, drops, etc.)

Propharma manages contract production of pharmaceuticals and is approved for production of non-sterile pharmaceuticals in both dry and liquid form. The assignments can cover all aspects of the product - including introduction to the market - or partial tasks such as packaging.

Medical equipment
The product portfolio also includes products classified as medical equipment according to EU-directive )93/42/EEC). The rules stipulate high demands for design, construction, and production to guarantee that the products are safe.

Cosmetics with extra high quality demands
We produce a wide range of cosmetic products - often with particular demands for quality, documentation, and effect. Propharma has specialized in development and production of dental products and has established a considerable portfolio which includes mouthwash, mouthsprays, and dental gels, etc. The products are produced in several varieties and targeted for specific purposes.