Labelling of cosmetic products
The Persano Group has more than 80 years of experience with development of cosmetics and has worked with labelling schemes since 1997 where the cooperation with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel started. Our products were the first to be marketed with this label and, since then, other quality labels have become standard for our products and new areas are constantly added. Many of our clients benefit from these certifications in their marketing of their products and find it useful to attract consumers. As a client with Persano Group, you are offered a complete solution where we manage the entire application process and the follow-up in connection with control, renewal applications and formula changes.

Asthma and allergy labels
The asthma and allergy labels serve as easier choice of cosmetic products without known allergenic contents (incl. perfume). The allergy labelling of cosmetics is not a guarantee against allergic reactions but nevertheless serve as excellent guides. Both national and international labels are used for labelling of allergy friendly products.
1. The Blue Label is the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association label which is also known internationally. Sweden, Finland and Norway have similar national asthma and allergy labes.
2. Allergy Certified is a more recent allergy label which was International from the beginning. The Allergy Certified headquarters are located in Denmark.

Asthma Allergy Nordic is a merger between three strong brands from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The common Nordic brand unites the experiences each brand brings and the new common brand has a strong position - not least in Scandinavia but also globally.

Certified Natural and Organic cosmetics
COSMOS is a standard for certified natural and organic cosmetics. The standard is harmonized through cooperation between five large certification associations – which previously each had their own standard. Under the COSMOS certification, Persano Group cooperates with ECOCERT, headquartered in France. The COSMOS standard sets requirements for the content of natural and organic ingredients and for the environmental impact at all stages from the ingredients are produced and until the certified product is in use.
The COSMOS brand is widely recognized within the field of cosmetics.

Only two official ecolabels exist: The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU-Ecolabel. Ecolabelled cosmetics are among the least polluting products within their category and fullfill both environmental demands as well as demands concering health. They may contain perfume but there are strict demands to the content of allergenic substances. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is assigned to both cosmetic products designed to remain on the skin (eg. cream) and to products for rinsing after use (eg. body shampoo). The EU-Ecolabel is only assigned to products that require rinsing after use (eg. shampoo). Products for animals can also be certified under the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.