Sustainable solutions
Years ago, the Persano Group committed to taking active part in protecting the environment. Our leading vision is to assume responsibility for the environment as well as humans. In order to put this vision into action, we have defined a series of focus areas which are now integrated parts of our DNA. Throughout the years, our knowhow concerning sustainable solutions has increased considerably and we continue to commit to greener production and working processes. We actively take part in seminars and exhibitions to keep on the edge of sustainable initiatives for the benefit of our clients and their branding.

Green lean
We continuously improve work processes and energy exploitation via effetive control programmes which monitor and support our production. We make efforts to protect the natural resources and reduce effect on climate changes. The most important focus areas are transport, raw ingredients, waste disposal, new technology, and packaging. In additon, we closely cooperate with our suppliers to ensure and influence their environmental awareness and conduct. Our environmental standards are further described in our codes for suppliers.

Front runner within eco-label products
We closely cooperate with accredited certification agencies within the business. This cooperation commits us to purchase and use energy as efficiently and environmentally safe as possible. We comply with certification programmes, are subject to audits and inspections, and continuously document that we abide by the determined guidelines for our production. We were the first company in Denmark to produce products under the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Since then, we have added multiple products under this label and the number is still increasing.

Sustainability in practice
Our own plastic production is an important element in reaching our goals. The factory supplies packaging entirely without CO2 impact from neither transport nor filling. Our packaging production is constantly being developed in our efforts to reduce the plastic content.