Focus on you and your brand
We are fully committed to ensure that our clients gain the most smooth and efficient experience with our business as possible - ranging from idea to end product. We do not only focus on delivering a product but also strive to add that extra element which makes your product excel. We strongly believe that this approach has secured our position as trusted suppliers for some of the largest brands within cosmetics and food supplements. We have a constant desire to develop and maintain the good relations to our clients and commit to taking good care of you and your brand.

Trustworthy and flexible company
Our foundation as a strong and financially solid, privately owned company provides us with the possibility of investing in sustainable and future-proof technology. Our goal is to continuously adapt and grow together with our clients in order to develop competitive and innovative products with focus on quality, environment and safety. This goal has laid the foundation for many long-lasting client relations.

Great flexibility and consistency
Our own packaging factory and long-lasting cooperation with suppliers all over the world have secured us an impressive flexibility and a delivery consistency of 99%.

Innovation and security
We are in possession of the largest quality and development facilities of this business with continuous focus on innovation and new thinking. We are pioneers within safeguarding our clients' products for the future.

The environment in focus
The Persano Group is proud of being the first private-label manufacturer to develop and produce the first Nordic Swan Ecolabel product in Denmark. Since then, many other products and certifications have been added to our line of production. We have a consistent focus on innovative development with basis in environmental and safety considerations.

Family-owned company
The company has been in the possession of the Overgaard Family through generations and, today, it is managed by the brothers Jan Overgaard and Henrik Overgaard.