Cosmetics and food supplements under one roof
As the sole producer in Scandinavia, we create synergy between inner and outer beauty. In the Persano company, we develop and produce cosmetics and Propharma offers complete solutions within food supplements, dental care, and medical equipment. It all comes together as we are also able supply packaging from our own factory.

State-of-the-art factories
The Persano Group consists of three primary productions distributed on two factories. Both are located in the North Zealand and cover a total of 17,500 square meters. All Persano production takes place at the factory in Blistrup. All Propharma production takes place at our GMP-approved production areas located at both factories. The liquid production takes place at the top modern factory in Blistrup which opened in 2004. In the Spring of 2014, the dry production moved into new and modern facilities at a new factory in Stenløse.

Equipped for the future
With two new factories, own packaging production, and more than 80 years worth of know-how and experience, the Persano Group is in a strong position for an exiting future where demand for environmentally safe quality products are on the top of the consumers' agenda. In addition, we offer total solutions for those of our clients who desire synergy between inner and outer beauty.